My Favorite FITmas Gifts for 2015 | Day 1 | Clothing

Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Fitmas! Every year I share with you my favorite items that I have personally used in 2015 that I know are a “must have” or a “must buy” for anyone who loves fitness. This week, I will be blogging everyday about the perfect gifts you can purchase for the healthy person in your life, including yourself.

Today I am focusing on fitness clothing. I believe that how you feel in the gym sets the tone for your entire workout! If you aren’t comfortable while you are moving, you will be distracted and your workout will suffer. And if you can feel good about yourself while being comfortable, your confidence in the gym will be off the charts.

Here are 5 of my Favorite FITmas Gift items to wear while you get your sweat on:

Bombas Socks

BombasI found Bombas socks while watching Shark Tank. With each pair they sell, they donate one pair to someone in need. So of course I had to try them out. I am very picky when it comes to my running socks. I need compression in the arch, cushion in the forefoot, heel and ankle and I hate that thick stitching band that runs across the toes. Well, when I got them, I found out these are THE perfect sock: quality materials, long lasting and comfortable. Use code HOLIDAY20 and get 20% off your order.


Chase Infinite Tanks

Purple_Mock__29792.1387586314.380.380These workout tops from Chase Infinite not only look great and feel great, but they are designed with positivity in mind. Each shirt is printed with a POWER statement that will inspire you, motivate you and make you feel great about yourself! My favorite shirt says “Brave and Beautiful”. How can you not feel amazing walking around in a shirt that screams how awesome you are? And what makes these shirts even better is that $1 of each sale is given to great charities like Wounded Warriors, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence and many more.


WSI Heater Gear

1-cold_weather_experts_bnnr_1 WSI HEATR GEAR is THE warmest base layer clothing on the market. And I can attest to that. I hate, hate, hate the cold. I refuse to do much outside in the winter because I always freeze. Now that I have the full HEARTR GEAR line of socks, hooded long sleeve shirt and leggings I can actually enjoy myself out in the cold elements.  The HEATR Gear uses your own body heat to generate heat that stays INSIDE the clothing and doesn’t escape through the fabric. And if you happen to get sweaty, the fabric will wick away the sweat to the OUTSIDE of the clothing so you stay dry.

But don’t think that WSI only manufactures cold weather clothing. They also have a great line of wicking clothing for warm weather. So no matter what the season, you can sport WSI clothing. This Holiday Season, support a local business that takes pride in the fact that their quality clothing is made in AMERICA and created with care.

Sanuk Sandals

SWS10001-BLK_1OK….I know! We are SO far from sandal weather, but the Sanuk Sandals are one of the best finds that I came across this year. After running races, my feet are usually: a)hot b)sweaty c)achy and d)gross. So after a long run I want to get out of my shoes pronto, but I hate wearing flip flops because I feel a little wobbly and the last thing I want to so is fall flat on my face. These sandals have banding that hold your feet in place and a super soft sole made from yoga mat material that actually feel like heaven. PS – these are also great to take on your mid winter vacay to somewhere warm!!!!

Love Your Melon Beanie

If you have to be active outside this winter, the Love Your Melon Beanie will keep you toasty warm, looking good and make your heart happy because LYM is a great cause!!!!! When you buy one of the handmade hats, a hat is donated to a child undergoing treatment for cancer. AND, each year some of these kids are given a day away from the hospital to live out a dream with a super hero (LYM Ambassador dressed as a super hero).

There you have my 5 Favorite Fitmas Clothing Gifts for 2015. Stay tuned for tomorrows post – Fitness Gear!!!