Apera Bag Review

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Apera Bags to review one of their bags. I was given a choice of what bag I wanted to test out. Well, if you know me, I carry BIG bags and I don’t leave home without EVERYTHING that I think I could possibly need during the day even though I know I will never use 50% of it. But I always have that little voice in the back of my head saying “It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it”. (PS the “voice”, which sounds a lot like my mom, also makes sure that I’m wearing clean underwear when I leave the house in case I have an accident).  So I checked out Apera’s super sleek looking website and I decided on the big daddy of them all – the Performance Duffel in Fuchsia (of course).  

Side View
Side View
Top View
Top View
View of the mesh shoe compartment

When I got the bag, I was pleasantly surprised how big and roomy the bag was.  By looking at the website I knew it would have lots of compartments, but in real life – WOW!!! There are compartments FOR compartments!!!! It even has 2 vented side compartments to store my sweaty workout shoes and clothes so the gear in the interior compartment stay dry and odor free. AND THE BEST PART, the Performance Duffel keeps me organized. With so many pockets, I can keep all of my stuff nice and neat. No more searching and rummaging through my bag only to find the thing I was looking for at the VERY bottom corner. This bag has a spot for everything – even the kitchen sink.  Seriously! I wanted to share with you how I pack my Performance Duffel just so you can see how much room it has.

All of the goodies that fit into my bag
Jammed full with all of my necessities       

What can I get in my bag? Well, an ipod, ipod speakers, jump rope, resistance band, workout clothes including a big sweatshirt,  a towel, 2 pairs of shoes (a girl can never have too many shoes to choose from), water bottle, protein powder shaker, bootcamp binder, a hand dandy notebook, my wallet, tablet,  gymboss and my shower/makeup caddy.

Not only is this bag functional, but it’s stylish. Since having this bag I have had numerous people ask me about it. Even a mom who said it would make the perfect diaper bag! If you are looking for a great bag that will last a long time and make your daily activities a little more organized, you have to buy an Apera Bag. Go to their website and signup for their newsletter and you will have the chance to win one for yourself!!!!  Every month Apera will be giving away a different bag  – how great is that. Now – go sign up for the newsletter for YOUR chance to win! I’ve got my fingers crossed that the winner will be you!

You can also check out Apera on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube