My Favorite FITmas Gifts for 2015 | Day 4 | Stocking Stuffers

Here we go! Day 4 of my Favorite FITmas Gifts for 2015 – Stocking Stuffers. I love every single one of these items and I hope you can share them with the Fitness Fanatic on your Holiday list.

Momentum Jewelry

10469704_10153080401507187_7635243616461230298_nMomemtum Jewelry is a local company (Woodbury, MN) with an amazing reason – to encourage YOU to be YOUR best during your workout. With saying like “Every Day Is A Gift”, “Stay Strong” and “Earned Never Given” you are going to be motivated when you see your jewelry. Momentum makes workout friendly wraps, cuffs, foot notes, necklaces, earring and head wraps that are comfortable, washable, lightweight and will not tarnish.

Blender Bottle

The Blender Bottle is a must-have for anyone taking any type of liquid nutrition (pre or post-workout). This shaker bottle comes with a “Blender Ball” that does the mixing while you shake! Say goodbye to chunky supplement drinks forever!

Max Flow Sports Hair Bands

The Max Flow Sports Cross-Grip Hairband is a great gift for anyone who is tired of having their hairband distract them during their workout. Most hairbands slip off your head as you exercise, but the Max Flow Sport hairband had cross-grip technology that keeps the band securely in place so you can focus on getting your sweat on!

Cathe On Demand now offers Live Streaming of her Thursday morning classes and instant access to all of her 100+ videos. Cathe One Demand is a great gift for the person who likes to workout in the privacy of their own home and loves to be challenged. Cathe is very motivating and keeps you moving with a variety for workouts for beginner and advanced exercisers. Strength training, bootcamps, cycling, circuit training, HIIT, yoga, barre – Cathe offers it all. Use code SAVE15 and get 15% off.


Looking for something to get the foodie on your list? A My Oatmeal Gift Card is perfect!!! My Oatmeal lets you create your own custom blend of oatmeal. Start by choosing your type of oats- steel cut, rolled, gluten free – and from there the options are endless! Add protein powder, nuts, fruit, flavorings, sweeteners, whatever your heart desires. And if you just can’t decide what yummie goodness to create, you can pick from one of their creations.



Gold’s Gym Sliders are a fun addition to your fitness equipment. Sliders remove the impact of exercises like jumping jacks and mountain climbers and add resistance to lunges, pushups and ab exercises.

Versa Loops

2705_4_Versa Loops are a very inexpensive way to take your workout to a whole different level. Slip them around your ankles to make jumping jacks brutal, wrap them around your thighs and for burn out squats, put them around your wrists to kick up pushups and, well…..I could go on and on. These little guys make any exercise just a smidge harder.

Versa Gripps

thumbnail.phpThe Versa Gripps are a great tool in the gym. They take the slip out of your grip when you are sweaty, save your hands from painful callouses and allow you to disengage the forearms from exercises so the working muscles get to do all the work.