Getting Fit with SmashFit

Fitness To Go has joined up with Smash Fit, owned by Heather Frey, is a one of a kind personal training website that uniquely matches clients with trainers. What makes Smash Fit exclusive is the site’s unique matching capability. The idea is to match the client with their ideal trainer, and to match the trainer, with the ideal client. Both client and trainer will get to specify their preferences so when a match is made, they’ve basically screened each other! In other words, a Smash Fit!

This week I (Fitness To Go) have been chosen to be the FIRST female featured trainer along with the FIRST male featured trainer  Richard Burgunder. This is an ENORMOUS honor and I feel incredibly blessed to be a part of the Smash Fit Team. Head on over to the Smash Fit website and check out my profile.