Unico: 2 Protein-Packed POPTARTS and CEREAL

protein-poptarts-1024x685 (1)

Ah. Another Sunday Evening contemplating the upcoming week. I’m sure it will come with it’s challenges but you know what? I’m thinking positive today. And I’m geared up and ready to tackle whatever tomorrow brings.  In fact… I actually can’t wait to go to sleep because:

A) I am usually exhausted by the end of the day

B) I love wearing my uber comfy Packer Jammies (yes I know. But we’ll be back again next year!)

C) it’s like taking a time travel spaceship to my favorite time of the day – BREAKFAST time!!

Seriously, who doesn’t LOVE breakfast? Every breakfast food in the world is amazing and I want you to be as excited as I am, so I want to share with you 2 of my go-to breakfast (or lunch, or snack, or pre workout, or just cause I want something sweet) recipes. One is unbelievably easy and the other takes a little more prep time, but it is so worth it. Oh and did I mention that that both use Apollo® Protein Power AKA the best-tasting protein in the world? Bonus! To read the full article, click here