My FAVORITE FITmas Gifts for 2014 – Day 4


My Favorite FITmas Gift for Day 4 is the PRO COMPRESSION sock line! When you think compression socks, what do you think of – hospital socks, am I right? Well the purpose of those ugly, one-size-fits NO ONE socks is to help the blood circulate in your legs and maintain blood flow. So, if those socks do all of that, why wouldn’t you wear them when you are working out? Well, I wouldn’t wear the ones I got while I was in the hospital during my workout, but I would wear a pair from PRO COMPRESSION. They are form fitting, comfortable and fashionable and they are functional. Pro Compression offers a full line of full length, mid length and low cut socks as well as calf and arm sleeves. You can also choose from socks that will keep your feet warm in the winter or cool and dry in the summer. PRO COMPRESSION also sells compression leggings!
I was never a fan of compression socks. As a girl, yes I can be a little girlie, I thought they looked silly. I would see runners wearing tall socks and shorts and think, “Wouldn’t it just make more sense to wear pants?” Then I tried a pair. PRO COMPRESSION sent me a pair of pink marathon knee high socks to try. They kind of had me backed into a corner when they sent me pink socks, I mean, they were cute so I had to try them right? So I did. I was shocked how great my legs felt during my runs, so I decided to try them out when I ran a half marathon. Normally, after a long run, my legs would cramp up a lot no matter how hydrated I was, but after the half my legs never cramped once. I WAS A BELIEVER!!!! Now I have close to 10 pairs and I refuse to run long runs without them.

Prices range from $17 – $60

If you are looking for a great gift for a runner, gym rat, someone who has circulation issues or just a sock lover, then the PRO COMPRESSION socks are a great gift choice.