Unico: Holiday SMART Plan


The Holidays are upon us. Once again it’s that time of year when we break the bank buying gifts, break our vows to NOT gain the Holiday 15, and inevitably, we end up breaking our belts (and possibly TONS of bulbs trying to untangle that God forsaken mess of Christmas lights)!

Although I can’t stop anyone (including myself) from buying ALL THE PRESENTS and/or cursing so loud as you hang those stupid lights that you scare off all of the neighborhood children, I can, however give you some really amazing tips and tricks that I have learned to help keep you from battling the holiday bulge. If you remember my post from last year Ooops, I Think I Did It Again, the “struggle was real” with me. I ate everything I could, drank all that I could and ended up in a food coma with nothing but crumbs on my face and a vague memory of the button popping off my pants. Gross. I learned my lesson last year and here is my SMART PLAN to help you fit into your pre Holiday pants in 2017. Click HERE to read more…..