MaxFlowSports Review

Hi. My name is Tera and I have a hair problem. Correction, I HAD a hair problem. When I workout, and I must say that I WORKout, my hair gets drenched in sweat. The more I move, the more I sweat. And the more I sweat, the more I get slapped in the face with icky, salty, grossy-gross hair. And there is nothing more that I hate than getting a face full of sweat soaked hair – well other than trying to pull your wet, sweat saturated sports bra over your head only for it to become a boa constrictor dead set on strangling you to death. Ugh! But I digress –  we are talking about hair problems, not dressing issues. I have tried quite a few different athletic hair bands. During my workout they either:

A) stretch out and slip off my head creating the “sweaty hair in the face” issue I spoke about earlier

B) are too big and slide and shift which causes me to stop my workout to readjust it, henceforth (yep I just wrote that) I get irritated because I had to stop my workout

C) are too small and end up pulling and breaking off my hair and leads to a crabby me and a bad hair day.

None of these options are acceptable.

That’s where MaxFlowSports comes in to save the day! A few weeks ago I was contacted by Steve Hines, CEO of MaxFlowSports. He sent me 2 of his Cross-Grip Hair bands to try out and threw in a pair of low profile socks (not retail yet but available if you contact Steve at

MFS socks

MFS bands

I threw my hair up in a pony, put on the houndstooth pattern hair band, put on my fresh new socks, went for a wicked 8 mile interval run and finished up the “test” with a bouncy plyo leg workout. Not only did my hair stay out of my face the entire workout, but it never slipped once. SCORE! And, DOUBLE SCORE, the socks stayed in place to and kept my feet seriously cushioned.

MFS me

I wanted to know why MaxFlowSport hairbands stayed in place when others didn’t, so I checked out their website. They use a patent pending CROSS-GRIP technology. When most non-slip headbands have a grip strip or 2 on the inside of the hairband, MaxFlowSports has 2 grip strips that  criss-cross to help it stay in place! Genius!

I am in love with my new MaxFlowSports gear. Please take the time to check out their website, facebook, instagram, twitter or pinterest to get the latest on their products and while you’re there buy something too! I AM IN!!!