Age Is Just A Number

As a personal trainer & bootcamp instructor, I wear many different hats. Teacher. Motivator. Coach. Encourager. And maybe a few colorful names that my clients call me under their breath. But as a fitness pro, my favorite “job” that I do, by far, is the excuse buster. Insert a mental picture here of me wearing a leotard with a big EB on the front and my cape waiving in the breeze. I’ve heard them all: “I can’t workout because I’m too tired/busy/broke”, “I don’t have to exercise because I have an active job” (actual quote from someone with a desk job), “I am too out of shape to start a fitness program”. But the best one I’ve heard is “I’m too old to workout.” When I hear this one, I reach into my magic personal trainer bag & pull out my best excuse busting success story – the story of my parents. My parents are athletes. My parents are fitness fanatics. My parents inspire others to workout. AND my parents started working out seriously when they were in their 50’s.

My parents, Gabby & Kris Lubich, have always been active people. My dad never worked out (probably because he was too busy talking to the neighbors – hence the nickname Gabby), but my mom has always exercised in some way. I remember doing my first workout with my mom in our living room. I will not admit fully to it, but it might have been a Jane Fonda VHS and we may or may not have been wearing sweatbands and leg warmers. When they were in their 50’s, my parents became walkers. Every morning before work they’d go out for their 3 mile walk. Everyday – faithfully – despite what Mother Nature would throw at them. When walking wasn’t enough for them anymore, they transitioned into running. AND when recreational running wasn’t enough of a challenge for them, they started running competitively. They became “Weekend 5K Warriors”. If there was a 5K to be ran, they’d be there running it. Running became their passion and it showed. My dad Gabby is faster than men half his age and my mom leaves 30 year old men in the dust. It is rare when they don’t come in first in their age groups and they improve their times at almost every race.

My parents are a personal trainers dream! They are always striving to better themselves. While many people their age are sitting on the couch, taking their high cholesterol meds, accepting that the 50 pounds that they’ve put on since high school are there to stay, my parents are out there running to remain healthy & stay young. Is it a major shot to my ego when my mom looks at me like “is that all you got” during my bootcamp or when my dad leaves me in his dust when we go for a run? Heck no – I am proud of them! They inspire me to be just like them when I’m their age!

You can start exercising at any age. Age is just a number and don’t let that number define you. No matter what age you start working out, it will make a positive impact on your health. Don’t wait until you have a health problem and have to workout, start now before the problems arise.


My parents Kris & Gabby posing with their 1st Place hardware after a race.



“We don’t quit exercising because we grow old. We grow old because we stop exercising.” ~Dr. Kenneth Cooper