My Favorite FITmas Gifts for 2015 | Day 3 | Bags and Food Prep

Day 3 of my favorite FITmas Gifts of 2015 is all about them bags, bout them bags, bout them bags  and food prep! Going to and from the gym, to work and back home again could be a complete disaster if you aren’t prepared and organized! Here are my Favorite FITMAS Gift bags, food prep and coolers that will keep your items organized,  your food cold and your meal prep a little easier!

Apera Bags

CYMERA_20151104_152601Just last week I did a review on the all new line of Apera bags and I have to say that they are THE bag if you are looking to be prepared and organized! Pockets, ventilation, insets and water resistant base, oh my! Any of these bags will get you to where you are going with everything you will need. Duffel, tote, backpack – Apera has one to fit your needs. BONUS – All bags are 20% off! No code needed!


6 Pack Bags

p_4895I have had the same Innovator 300 6 Pack Bag for 3 years and it is still in perfect condition with no sign of breaking down any time soon! This is the MUST have gift for anyone who is trying to stay on track with healthy eating. With 3 – 24oz. BPA-free containers, 2 gel ice packs that keep food cold, insulated pockets that keep food warm and extra storage for drinks, vitamins or utensils, these bags have it all. And if you are looking for a more “purse like” meal management bag, 6 Pack now has a women’s line that storage for your meals and everything you would carry in your purse all in one bag!


The Nutri Ninja

bl490-accessoryCTAIf you like smoothies, you have to have the Nutri Ninja. Gone are the days of ice chunks, pieces of spinach and hunks of fruit floating in your smoothies. The Nutri Ninja mixes anything into a smooth, delicious and nutritious drink.



Digital Food Scale

foodscale_product_2500px_300dpi_1024x1024The Fitlosophy Digital Food Scale with cure your portion distortion. Eating a few extra ounces here and there might be what’s standing between you and your health and fitness goals. This digital food scale teaches you to focus on consuming healthy portions versus counting calories that can often become obsessive. You don’t know what you don’t know. So if you don’t know exactly how much you are eating, you won’t be able to see the changes.


Aroma Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer

13374757_Alt02The Aroma Digital Rice Cooker and Food Steamer is the ultimate in food prep! Cook your rice, meat and veggies all in one pot at one time! How easy is that? Set your meal and it is ready when you get home!



Stay tuned for my Favorite FITmas Stocking Stuffers tomorrow!