Like it or not, fall is upon us and winter is right around the corner. The cold, the darkness, the lack of color in nature – it may sound gloomy and daunting, but it is also a time for change. Everything around us is in a transition. In preparation for the winter, everything goes through a change in order to face the winter and come out fresh and new in the spring. The leaves, the air, the temp, the sun, the animals coats – it’s all changing. Like our surroundings, now is the perfect time for you to make a change too. Whether it’s starting a healthy diet, getting in shape or accepting a new challenge in life, you need to make a change to be successful. The change may be a bit uncomfortable or you may struggle along the way, but in time it will become second nature. Like the trees in the fall, you may want to hold on to those familiar leaves that shelter you, but if you don’t let go of them you will never be able to make way for the new buds that will form in the spring.
This month I challenge you to change with the season. Get rid of an old “habit” and make way for a new one. Make a plan, make a backup plan and when things get hard or a little scary, let go of your old ways and stick to the plan. Before you know it, spring will be here and you will come out the other side of winter as a fresh, new version of you.

“You are confined only by the walls you build yourself”