My Favorite FITmas Gifts for 2015 | Day 2 | Fitness Gear

It’s day 2 of the my favorite FITmas gifts and today it’s all about the gear! All of these items I use on a daily basis myself and with my clients.

Here are my 5 Favorite FITmas Gift gear items:


trxIf you’re looking for the ULTIMATE gift to give someone, this would be it. The TRX system is great for the traveling fitness freak, an outdoor enthusiast or the average Joe who doesn’t have much space to work out. Hook the TRX up to a tree, pole or sturdy beam in your house and your set for a great workout using just your body weight. Great for all fitness levels.


BosuDo you BOSU? You should. The BOSU is an amazing functional tool to help improve your balance, strength, agility and speed. It can be used flat side up or flat side down. The BOSU takes exercises like lunges, pushups and planks to a whole other level.



2 Pounds Weighted Lifting Gloves

glovesAre you ever in the gym and one set of weights is too light, but the 5 pound jump to the next set is just too much? This is when the Cathe Weighted Lifting Gloves come in. These adjustable gloves can be used for strength training, kickboxing, walking. Removable 1 lb weight packets allow the gloves to go from 0-2 lbs, making them the perfect training tool for when you are in between weights.

The Perfect Pushup

perfect pushupDon’t knock it until you try it! When a client of mine suggested I add the Perfect Pushup into my chest routine, I laughed at him. I am not one to try “infomercial” products because they are usually cheesy and junk. But I tried it and it took my pushup to a whole new level – it added depth and rotation into a normal pushup while keeping me in perfect form with less strain on my wrists.


The Gym Boss Timer

black_blue_angle_photoshopThe Gym Boss Timer has changed my workouts and my clients workouts for the better. I no longer have to stare down the clock waiting for my next interval to start or end. Now I can just set my timer, clip it to my shirt and wait for the beep. It allows me to put 100% of my focus on the workout. Because the GYMBOSS is so small I can’t even tell that I am wearing it. And, unlike a cell phone, the clip keeps my hands free, I don’t have to worry about it falling off the equipment and I don’t have to set it down on the dirty gym floor. The GYMBOSS is less than $20, offers a HUGE selection of colors and takes the “timing” out of your workout – what more could you ask for?